Whats the big idea?

Often times the big idea comes at the last moment, when all directions have been vetted and exhausted. We had a solid social campaign running , site, activities, partnerships, etc. But what was missing was that one campaign component that would jump through the clutter and not only have the organic viral components necessary, but one that would attract the masses. 

Using the one sheet as inspiration I hatched a thought that would not only open Chronicle, but would be reffered to as viral hollywood success. I asked, why not fly guys above famous landmarks? Or another thought, lets fly guys out in the middle of nowhere during drive time traffic? Either way, people would think everything from "What is that?" to "That's amazing!", share socially and word would spread with a sense of wonder. 

The idea was presented to Think Modo which in turn spun it into a engineering masterpiece.

Chronicle opened at #1 in the box office, ultimately grossing $126 million worldwide, not bad for a 12 million dollar budget.

Original pitch comp


Brooklyn Flying Guys Video


Key Stats

  • Over 7 million views in the first week.
  • Over 150 U.S. Broadcast mentions / Total viewership 15+ million.
  • Featured on: Discovery Channel, Fox News, Tech Crunch, CNN, The Hollywood Reporter, The Huffington Post, HLN, Perez Hilton, The Today Show, CNet, Yahoo!, Buzzfeed, LA Times, Popular Science, VH1, BBC, The Sun, Gizmodo, Bloomberg and many more worldwide.



Executing Agency : Think Modo Case Study