With all due respect.

I arrived back in 2011 and the first thing I wanted to do was redesign FoxMovies.com. Well that didn't happen until close to 3 years later, so I continued to update the site I inherited until I got my chance to sell the redesign thorugh. Once I got approval I handled the white boarding and UI, went through creative rounds and the sell and had the site up in a record 2 months. 

This is what I had inherited (old)


New (Current) HOME PAGE

I led three redesigns for Sony Pictures really with no reference industry wise on what worked and didn't. Coming back to redesigning a studio site I was in the same spot. So I went outside to sites like Apple, Beats, news sites, etc. Felt like this layout was something that would give the films the ability to speak as well as making it all easy for the user to get what they need. Was really important to design something that would hold up for awhile, as it still has.


(New) Movie title page

Thank god, gone are the days that you spend $100k or more on an official site. We created landing pages for all the films and did away with the extra expense, I probably saved the studio $1.5 million just with that choice. Took awhile for the other studios to do the same, though there are some that still seem to feel obligated. I'd rather save our money for real marketing initiatives.


Error Page

After spending countless hours on the new site I wanted to inject one bit of fun. 20th Century Fox IS entertainment, so why not put a little into an easter egg. We gathered around 10 classic moments from films and injected them into our error pages. Each one with a clip and witty reason why you couldn't find what you were looking for. Check it here: http://www.foxmovies.com/error