Amazing. Amy.

Our digital campaign, for the NY Times Best Selling Novel turned Film, had to keep book fans, well aware of the plot line and twisted outcome,  engaged and intrigued throughout a nine month campaign. The solution was a word-of-mouth campaign based around hints. Hints about Amy, her marriage, her character, Trent Reznor’s soundtrack and, ultimately, whether David Fincher had indeed created another masterpiece.

Here's a sample of our efforts:


Tease website

Working alongside Neil Kellerhouse we established the campaign with a tease site that left fans with more questions than answers. Rather than creating a  classic immersive experience that revealed the characters and plot line, we established the news theme set forth with the tease one sheet debut. Occasional glitches revealed moments of the plot line without divulging too much. Yes, fans of the book knew the outline of the film, but that didn't leave them wondering how the film would visually play out.


River of secrets

Gone Girl is filled with secrets beautifully stitched throughout. Building off the premise that we really never know what our significant other, friends and family are actually thinking, we created the River of Secrets experience where users could divulge their deepest and darkest thoughts. They could do so via text, audio recording or through our established hotilne


Official Website

After establishing out tease site we extended the news theme to the full site. I wanted to take the approach as if the viewer was watching the news unfold as well as Nick Dunne's life unravel.


Amazing Amy

Up until the films release, fans had only their imagination to conjure up what the Elliott's (Amy's parents) "Amazing Amy" book series looked like. We worked with the highly talented Kirk Van Wormer, the artist who illustrated the props for the film, to create a series of covers and inside pages for the children book series. Launching on Apple iBooks the release was a huge success.