Nature made me a freak. Man made me a weapon. And God made me last too long.

Bittersweet end to Hugh Jackmans amazing 17 year career as Wolverine. I have spent the past 5 years marketing four X-Men films (Days of Future Past, The Wolverine, Apocalypse and now Logan) and out of all the characters I've always loved Wolverine. Maybe not the strongest, but the coolest super hero of all time. Hugh Jackman's take seems irreplaceable and I wanted to show my respect through the pieces that we shared with the world. With the amount the film has grossed to date it's easy to say that everyone came out to pay their respects as well.


Campaign Highlight Reel



I'd have to say that this was one of the best experiences that I have had on a film project. Logan is the finale to Hughs career (or is it?) as Wolverine and we wanted to document the experience in a photo jounalistic way. Add in the film noir approach and you have an amazing landscape of "feeling". I couldn't have found a better partner for us to photograph the trail from set to set.  We spent one day in Natchez Mississippi going over details on our approach with the Director James Mangold and Hugh and the next day we set up Dean Bradshaw to do his work. The daily deliveries were like Christmas morning every day for a little less than a couple months. Couple that up with the amazing photographs James Mangold took himself and we had a great campaign all delivered through social channels.


“There was a gravity to this photograph I hadn’t come to expect from superhero films, from a genre that routinely confuses brooding for depth.”



Feedback on the images taken on set were so great we created a limited edition coffee table book to be given out at a NY press event promoting Logan among other films. Relearned Indesign and in a matter for a couple weeks we had a beautiful, tangible representation of all of the hard work and beautiful images from Dean Bradshaw, James Mangold and Ben Rothstein. 



Another cool part of this campaign was the work coming out hugely talented comic book artists for our Logans route theater campaign. Each of the below posters were strategically placed along Logans route from Mexico up to North Dakota. Along the route these images were placed as posters in theater lightboxes and limited edition prints were given to fans. Each artist was given an overall theme and structure, but from there they did their thing to make them very personal and stylistically in tune with what we all know and love about their work. 



The idea came from the film to expand upon the calls Logan makes to purchase the Sunseeker to get outta dodge. I had been watching dailies and loved the idea of the juxtaposition of the coolest, maybe not the most powerful but still badass, super hero of all time driving a limo full of pathetic mortals around to make an honest living. Black and white overlay on this connected it to the photographs we took for the campaign. 



Laura is a badass, where'd she come from though. Sneak peek into the process of her mutant birthing.



Lauri and Anni are badass deadlifting, hydraulic press crushing, sweet hosts! We took a trip to Tampere Finland to take a stab at putting Logans claws in their mighty press. Between physical props and some VFX we achieved what would be a first for the YT Channel.


Some initial BTS notes... Pulled in the physics for the VFX and practical... 



Success from our campaign's black and white tone led to...





Key Art Gold

Logan Campaign


Key Art Gold

Logan Crushing Adamantium with Hydraulic Press