We love the fans.

We work on many films throughout the year that vary from an unknown property to ones that have rabid fan bases. Either way it's a challenge, but it is quite awesome to have a head start. With Fault in Our Stars we had the absolute luxury of fan awareness with the book selling close to 11 million copies worldwide and being a number one NY Times Best Seller. On the flip side we had to make sure we did good by the fans as they could turn quick, which in turn would be a bit of an issue on the product we're selling. In early conversations I likened the Obama campaign, in that they were able to effectively arm fans with materials that let the crowd outside of the inner circle share the excitement. 

We recruited 22k ‘Fault Fanatics’ to help us amplify content. We featured fan art and fan reactions. We used every popular teen platform including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Wattpad. We even let Tumblr fans decide where our stars would go on their public appearance tour. In the end, a movie made for 12 million dollars went on to make 250 million dollars globally.

Here's a sample of our efforts:


Instagram Trailer

In The Fault in Our Stars our main characters Hazel and Gus take a trip to Amsterdam. We took hundreds of Instagram shots during filming in Amsterdam and cut them into a mini-trailer to promote the soundtrack. And additionally created Instagram accounts for the characters.


What does The Fault In our Stars mean to you?

Jumping into Tumblr with Fault was amazing. So much great art and content from fans, simply put, they challenged us. We launched TheFaultInOurStarsMovie.com early on to post original art as well as share the amazing fan art. Rather than build a cumbersomely unique destination, we set up a style to let the art shine.



Demand Our Stars

We opened up a unique contest where fans rallied to have The Fault in Our Stars come to their home town to screen the film along side the cast. Fans were armed with unique content to promote their city/state, helping to spread the word about the initiative as well as promote the film.