End this war before it ever begins.

With six films released, the X-Men series is the 15th highest-grossing franchise, having grossed over $2 billion worldwide. X-Men: Days of Future Past is a dual sequel to both X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men: First Class. It was one of the most anticipated films for Summer 2014, our campaign recognized that level of attention, both reinvigorating the current fans and earning new ones. Days of Future Past took in $128.2 million globally in its second weekend for a world total of over $500 million, eclipsing the $459.4 million grossed by X-Men: The Last Stand in May 2006.


Trask Industries / San Diego Comic Con

We launched the Trask Industries, a fictional company within the Days of Future past storyline, campaign to coincide with the reveal of a teaser trailer presentation at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con. The campaign kick off involved a Trask commercial, Trask site, a Sentinel head (mutant hunting robots) was displayed as well as propaganda posters. 

With no paid media, the X-Men: Days of Future Past launch campaign took the web by storm, garnering over 3 million video views and over 400 million social media and editorial impressions in one week.


Trask Industries Your Future / Video 


Trask Industries Site / Video

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Trask Industries Site / Screenshots


Sentinel Head on display 



Propoganda Posters


Trask Industries Press


The Bent Bullet / Trailer Release

To coincide with the official trailer release we launched another aspect of the film that would surely get people talking. With a photo journalistic broadcast approach, we utilized the full browser window and filled the experience with Ken Burns style photo animations, environmental audio as well as hired the voice of front line  Will Lymon.

With no paid media, the launch garnered over one million views in its first day, reached YouTube’s list of most popular videos, made it to the front page of Reddit, and triggered a massive social debate over Magneto’s innocence.


The Bent Bullet / Site Video


The Bent Bullet Site / Screenshots


Bent Bullet / Press


X-Men : Days of Future Past / Official site

As the campaign has progressed we launched the official X-Men Days of Future Past official site, serving as a hub for all content released. Through the unique home billboard, visitors can learn more about the characters and their part in the storyline. Additionally photos, videos and posters are accessible and sharable.


X-Men : Days of Future Past / Official Site Video

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X-Men : Days of Future Past / Official Site Screenshots



25 Moments

After decades of conflict, look back at the events that determined the fate of a species.

25 Moments launched with no paid media support and became an instant hit among fans and press alike. In the age of zero-attention-span web experiences, average time on site was over 15 minutes and the majority of site visitors viewed all 25 pages.




Campaign Awards



FWA 2013

X-Men: Trask Industries


FWA 2014

X-Men: The Bent Bullet



X-Men: Days of Future Past Official Site


Key Art Silver

X-Men: The Bent Bullet